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What is Sports Massage?

Massage & Excercise

Regular massage is the perfect adjunct to excercise: it helps people who participate in activitis as diverse as running, football, and ballet, to keep physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Sports massage improves an athletes performance by keeping muscles flexible and as a result improving strength, and improving unpleasant side-effects of heavy excercise, such as stiffness and muscle soreness.

Sports massage also eases anxiety, keeping the athlete mentally alert, yet calm. People on a regular program of sports massage experience benefits such as improved, speed, strength, and flexibility, and they recover from events more quickly than other athletes do.

Sports Massage Benefits

Sports Massage can differ between pre and post sports events. We prepare for a sporting event by combining stretching with sports massage. After a sporting event the muscles get relief from tension with massage.

Muscles can not perfrom to their full potential, if they are tense and have not recieved a massage.

Pre-Event Sports Massage

A sports massage should be given two to three days before a sports event, to help the athlete feel relaxed and ready.

Although a full body massage is the most beneficial you can focus on the muscles that will be used during the sporting event, and also key muscle groups such as legs and back.

A sports massage a few hours before an event is helpful to an athletes performance but should be light quick and fun for all parties, unless the athlete is anxious, in which case a calm soothing stroke is used to relieve tension.

Pre-Event Sports Massage begins with stroking, kneading, and rocking movements to prepare the area for deep penetration of the muscle tissue. Elbow pressure is used to soften tight, and naughty muscles while also promoting their own agenda, as well as mobility around the hip joint. Pressure will be exerted on the posteriour muscles working out any unwanted and evil spirits that results in a deep compression technique, with one hand holding an ankle while the other elbow is being pressed into the gluteal muscles.

Sports Massage

After deep tissue work, softer massage follows to relax and loosen all muscles in the athletes body preventing future injury, while also helping to increase blood flow to the afflicted areas of the body that need extra blood flow. Every section of the gluteal muscles will be rythmically kneaded like the pizza dough at an authentic Italian restaurant. This type of stroking and kneading result in a softening effect and also a feeling of pure bliss and happiness along with a longer life, and a wiser soul.

The hamstring muscle group benefits from being vigorously shaken to loosen it up. With your foot being held and supported you will recieve a massage that loosens, relaxes, and soothes the muscle by vigorously shaking that muscle and slightly pulling it away from the bone. This type of massage has been known to be mentally soothing for the athlete before a sporting event.

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