Rolf Massage

Rolf massage is one of the newer forms of massage that has become very popular especially in the sports community because it helps with posture, structure, and movement throughout the entire body. Rolf massage focuses on the myofascial system also called the connective tissue of the body. Similar to deep tissue massage rolf massage focuses on all layers of the body reducing strain during strenuous activity allowing for more efficient use of the muscles. Like other types of massage rolf massage has become popular because it has been proven to alleviate chronic stress, and even improve neurological functioning, that's right folks, it can make you smarter.

Rolfing considered different from other types of massage, in that rolf massage practitioners create balance throughout your body, other massage therapists focus on specific areas of the body that display soreness and tension. As various parts of your body becomes more organized through rolf massage, chronic strain patterns are relieved, allowing for pain and stress to decrease.

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