Reflexology or zone therapy is a popular 'alternative medicine' similar to massage because it involves the practice of rubbing feet or hands, although usually without lotions and oils. Pressure is applied to the feet and hands with finger and thumb. It is based on the belief of reflex areas and zones that supposedly reflect an image of the body on the hands and feet, by rubbing and releasing tension in specific areas can affect specific parts of the body in a postive way. Even though there is no convincing evidence in the scientific community that reflexology actually works, it is quite popular and many people swear by the practice of reflexology.

Reflexologists believe in an 'energy field' like an invisible life force (think Star Wars) sometimes refered to as the Qi, they believe this energy field can become blocked and prevent healing. By rubbing zones in the feet and hands reflexologists and their clients believe that they can release blockage in the 'life force' allowing the body to begin healing in areas all over their body.

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