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There is something that you should know...there's no massage really formally known as Japanese massage. There is, however, a form of Japanese touch therapy called shiatsu, and the name actually means finger pressure. And in shiatsu or Japanese massage, the practitioner will apply pressure unlike the traditional relaxation or Swedish massages that we are used to in Western culture where kneading and friction are a part of the massage, this is not the case.

Understanding Japanese massage

In Japanese massage, or shiatsu pressure applied to the body is the key, and the practitioner can apply pressure with their palms of their hands, their fingers, their thumbs, their forearms, their elbows, and even their knees and their feet. In the Japanese philosophy, the Japanese rely on the theory that their energy points and energy lines that flow through the body. When you balance this energy, you make it so the bodies energy is not blocked, and able to flow resulting in good health for the recipient of the japanese massage.

The theory behind Japanese massage

There are different types of points on the body. There are two types of energy that we're talking about here. There is believed to be a negative energy and a positive energy, and the specific energy points for the negative energy or yin are on the front of the body. The other kind of energy is the yang, or a positive energy, and those are located on the back of the body. In shiatsu, the theory of balancing energy is when they balance the meridians on the front, or yin, and they balance the meridians on the back of the body, or yang. So this is where when you're balanced, when all your energies are balanced and all your meridians are unblocked, then this is where good health is achieved. This is just a tiny bit about shiatsu. It is a Japanese form of touch therapy based on the theory that energy flows through your body. And the more balanced and unblocked it can be, then the more healthy you will be.

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