Foot Massage

What can I expect from a foot massage?

A proper foot massage will usually begin with you laying on your back after removing your shoes and socks. At some point during your foot massage you will rotate and turn over on to your stomach to accomidate different movements movements of the ankles and feet. The resting area of the foot will usually be covered with a town to prevent any massage oil or cream from getting all over the place. Sometimes you will recieve a foot bath before your foot massage. A foot bath allows the feet to soak and relax in warm water and sometimes scented essential oils. Your feet will be toweled off to remove any dirt, dry off the feet, and relax you. A foot massage always gives requires some form of lubricant usually a cream or oil, but sometimes lotion. Creams are usually thicker so they work well for foot massages. Oils are usually used to soften any rough calluses on the bottom of your feet. Some massage therapists create their own creams by combining various creams, oils, and fragrances. Vanilla, almost and lavender are very popular scents for foot massage.

Foot massages begin with rubbing the top of your foot and slowly moving to the sole of the foot. More pressure is applied as the massage gets closer to the sole, and then the process is reversed moving away from the sole of your foot. The heel of your foot is then rubbed with the massage therapists thumbs in small circles with hard pressure, and then this is repeated on the ball of the foot. Cross-fiber friction is a popular method for foot massage, with one hand pushing up, while the other hand pushes down. The ankle bone is next, both hands rub in a round motion around the ankle bone. Using a fist for the arch of your foot is a popular method for part of your foot massage, it allow the massage therapist to knead the skin gently like a baker, or pizza chef would knead dough. The last step is usually concentrating on the toes. Each toe will indiviually be rubbed and pulled, and between your toes will also recieve attention too. If at any time you feel uncomfotable or feel like you are being tickled, you should communicate this to your massage therapist.

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