Couples Massage

What is Couples Massage?

Couples Massage is a common practice in professional massage businesses especially larger ones with more than one massage therapist working at the same time, but isn't always offered. Usually a couples massage is when two people receive massages at the same time given by two different massage therapists in the same room. It is just like any other massage usually 60 minutes but can be available 30, 45, 90 etc.

The term Couples implies 2 people in a relationship but this isn't the case. Many people often get massages with their siblings and friends. A couples massage is a great gift to give someone to introduce them to massage. Some people would never get a massage until they end up going with a friend. Some therapists hold back on therapeutic work in couples treatments because they don't want to interrupt the other therapists clients relaxation time.

Common couples massage misconceptions

People think a couples massage will be more romantic and dreamy than it really is, both people receiving the massage just lay there and get worked on. There isn't really any touching or talking (usually) it is simply a massage in the same room. Although some clients will really enjoy the experience of and will talk or just enjoy the presence of the other in the room with candles etc lit, it is an experience they can share together.

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