Chair Massage

What is chair massage?

Chair massage helps to relieve stress and pain, similar to other types of massage, while also being an excellent introduction to massage. Usually only 10-15 minutes, the duration of a chair massage is less than a traditional massage, and only focuses on your shoulders, back, arms and neck. No oils are used and the massage is given over clothing, making chair massage a wise choice for a clients first time. Some LMT's offer free chair massages to familiarize clients to their capabilities.

During a chair massage you are seated in a chair designed specifically for massage. The 'massage chair' has a cradle to rest your face on, allowing you to rest your head looking down at the floor, and also has arm supports. Swedish massage techniques such as kneading, compression, and tapotement are while your back and neck are completely relaxed in the massage chair, these massage techniques do not require oil, and can be performed over clothing.

Common places to find chair massage offered are places such as airport spas, and trade shows, casinos, and other 'high stress' places. A chair massage is a popular solution to work out muscle tension before it turns into a muscle spasm. It is common in the 'corporate' world to offer the 'free perk' of a chair massage to employees during work, and during corporate events and parties. Sometimes companies can pay the cost, and others split the cost with their employees, although tipping is usually appreciated regaurdless, while some companies simply give their employees time and access to massage therapists in the workplace and allow the employees to pay for the chair massage themselves.

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